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Colour photo of Wayne Steeves wearing a dark suit jacket, white dress shirt, and blue striped tie.

​Wayne Steeves

Former MLA for the New Brunswick electoral district of Albert

Born December 12, 1944 in Lower Coverdale, New Brunswick, Wayne Steeves is the son of Noel Steeves and Vera Downing. A Progressive Conservative, he was elected in 1999 after two unsuccessful runnings in 1991 and 1995. He was re-elected in 2003 and joined the cabinet as minister of public safety. He was again re-elected in 2006 but left the cabinet as his party formed the opposition. He retained the seat until the 2014 election, when he did not run for re-election and was succeeded by Brian Keirstead.

Wayne announced his retirement in 2014 by saying:

     The last 15 years as MLA have been very rewarding. We have built a new nursing home in Riverside-Albert, a new school in Riverview East, secured monies for municipal infrastructure, water and sewer, community centers, and secured funding for the completion of the Fundy Trail. Ongoing roadwork continues on Routes 112, 114 and upgrading of rural roads including the chip sealing of Caledonia Mountain. Most importantly, we have worked with individual constituents to address their needs and improve communities. ...

     I feel it is time to move on, spend more time with my family and allow someone else the privilege to represent the Riding of Albert.


     I thank the people of the Albert Riding for their confidence and support over the last four consecutive elections. A special thank you to the executive of the Albert PC Association and all those who worked so hard to ensure my success. I remain dedicated to the principles of our Progressive Conservative party and have been and will continue to be a voice in favour of our government’s plan to develop our natural resources to create jobs and prosperity for our province.

[Noel Spurgeon (6), Stephen Spurgeon (5), Stephen II (4), Abraham (3), John (2), Heinrich (1); Noel Spurgeon (6), Eva L (5), Joshua (4), Michael (3), John (2), Heinrich (1)]

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