Help your Community - Build your Resume

The Steeves House Museum is always looking for volunteers!


Whether it be for our community events throughout the year, museum tours, maintenance, genealogy, or gardening there are endless opportunities to lend a helping hand.


Helping the museum is a great way for students to build their resume and for adults to keep active and engaged in learning.


Let us know if you have any special skills you would like to volunteer that may benefit the museum, like graphic design, video editing, or something in the performing arts. We could trade services providing you with some exposure and us with products creating a mutually beneficial situation.


Volunteering is a win-win situation. You help improve your community and in the act of giving and working you learn and improve yourself.


Contact the museum anytime to volunteer generally or for a specific event.

See the Events & Rentals page for upcoming events.

Please fill out the Volunteer Form to be part of our volunteer database. 


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