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The Steeves House Museum has a lot to offer, but we could also use your help to continue offering the public great services. This is why we are asking you to give and join! For updates on the museum's activities, join our new newsletter. To enjoy the museum time and again, become a member. To help the museum's operations run smoothly, volunteer. To contribute to the museum's upkeep and improvement, please consider donating. Thank you for visiting our website and for your support to date!


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A membership to the Steeves House Museum grants you free entry to the museum all year. Visit as many times as you like! Returning to the museum keeps you up to date with changes and allows you to explore our collection in-depth, thus learning stories of our artifacts not mentioned in the basic guided tour. Fill out the Membership form to become a member today!


As a non-profit organization, the Museum relies on private donations to help keep it alive and thriving. Donations go toward the museum’s activities, including maintaining our collection and facilities and hosting community events. Your donation will help preserve Canadian history and improve the local community. Contact us and/or fill out the Donation Form to donate. Thank you for any and all contributions!



There are always plenty of opportunities to volunteer at the Steeves House Museum. Helping the museum is a great way to build your resume and to keep active and engaged in learning. Volunteering is a pathway to self and community improvement, it's a win-win situation! Visit our Events page and contact us to volunteer for a specific event. Fill out the Volunteer Form to be put on our official volunteer list! 

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