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We offer the official Steeves Family genealogy sanctioned by the Steeves Family Inc. Our present genealogy includes over 200,000 individuals. We know there are tens of thousands more waiting to be included. Are you one? To include yourself and your family in the Steeves Family genealogy, contact us below by email, or call, write us a letter, or message us on our facebook page. There is no charge for this service, which is provided by the Steeves Family Inc.


We also have access to many other records in print and online that may solve your genealogical puzzle or give you some insight into where you came from. We welcome questions on Albert County genealogy.





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CARL by Mike Gatti of Boat Wagon Studio, copyright 2013.

CARL (County of Albert Research Library)​

CARL is a database of the books, magazines, and documents pertaining to Hillsborough and Albert County that are held at the Steeves House Museum, the Hillsborough Public Library, and the Caledonia Regional High School Library in Hillsborough, New Brunswick. Each item is indexed for content, and more items are being added every year. Some of the content added recently includes the Masons' books we were so lucky to obtain when Howard Lodge #15 moved into the 'Egypt Room' in 2012. In CARL, you can search by author, title, and keywords, but in order to view the actual items, you'll just have to come to Hillsborough.


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