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A middle-aged man wearing a black suit, white shirt, and gold tie.

​John Michael Edward Seymour

The 19th Duke of Somerset

William Henry Steeves' brother Gilbert had moved to Liverpool, England to handle the overseas business, since their Brokerage was doing so well. After William's death in 1873, his wife took their six children and moved to England as well. Because of this, all of William Henry Steeves' descendants are in England.


His great-grand-daughter Edith, for example, married Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour, the 17th Duke of Somerset, England. Their son, Percy Hamilton Seymour, was a Steeves descendant and the 18th Duke of Somerset. Percy's son, John Michael Edward Seymour, is the current (19th) Duke of Somerset (photo by Allen Warren). Further generations of Steeves descendants in the Seymour line will undoubtedly serve as future Dukes of Somerset as well.

[Percy Hamilton Parker (7), Edith Mary Parker (6), Lucinda (5), William Henry (4), Joseph (3), Henry (2), Heinrich (1); Percy Hamilton Parker (7), Edith Mary Parker (6), Lucinda (5), Mary (4), "Squire George" (3), Jacob (2), Heinrich (1)]

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