A Steeves Descendant on his mother's side, Stanley was the son of Capt. Judson H. Edgett and Annie B. (Steeves) Edgett. Stanley's grandparents' extended family was headed up by Abram Steeves and Elizabeth (Trites) Steeves. Their daughter and Stanley's mother, Annie, was the oldest of their 7 children.


Stanley was born June 23, 1894, on the ship "Stanley," captained by his father, while sailing the Indian Ocean. He is named after the ship, and the port in which he was baptized, Fort Louis.


Stanley was just four years old when he lost his father to drowning in Shepody Bay, New Brunswick, while Judson was piloting a steamer.


Whereas the Edgett clan had been ocean-going, the Steeves side were farmers, and Stanley and his baby brother, Gurney, became farmers as well.


Stanley graduated highschool and attended the Univeristy of New Brunswick, where his diary begins. He later went to war, and his diary, transcribed and recorded in this book, tells the story of his WWI wartime experience.


Stanley was killed in the trenches of France during this time. "This is his life in his own words."

Edited by Tom Edgett and Dave Beatty. Copyright 2000 by Judson Thomas Edgett.

World War I Diaries and Letters of Lieut. Louis Stanley Edgett